Lifeline Cat Behavior Solutions

Cat Behavior

How We Can Help You

Do you want your cat to use her litter box, scratch appropriate items, be affectionate and playful, and feel safe and happy in her environment? We can help you!

LIFELINE Cat Behavior Solutions has the knowledge and experience to resolve and prevent many types of cat behavior and training issues, such as

  • House soiling
  • Inter-cat aggression
  • Destructive scratching
  • Excessive vocalizing
  • Human-directed aggression
  • Nighttime wakefulness
  • Countertop jumping
  • Fear-based behaviors
  • New cat introductions
  • …and more.

Our training techniques will help keep your cat happy and healthy, strengthen your relationship with your cat, and prevent future behavior problems.

Because every case is unique, our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each individual cat and client. The result? A sociable, loving member of your family. Your cat’s happiness will be restored … and so will yours.

So, let’s get started!

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