The Process

stretchStep 1: Complete a New Client Form
After a free phone consultation, we will ask you to complete a New Client Form and schedule an appointment for a detailed history-gathering call.

Step 2: Tell Us About Your Cat
The history-gathering call typically takes 45 minutes, but may take longer if you have multiple cats.  At the end of the call we will schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation.

Step 3: The In-Home Consultation
The in-home consultation is a required part of the process, as it is important for us to meet your cat and see her environment and interactions to help identify factors that may be contributing to the behavior issue. The in-home consultation usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours, but may take longer if we are addressing behavior problems for multiple cats.

Step 4: Your Customized Behavior Plan
Within 2 business days following the in-home consultation, we will email you a written description of the behavior modification plan discussed during the home visit. If necessary, we will review the plan by phone to ensure that the goals and the instructions for reaching them are clear and manageable.

Step 5: Follow-Up—The Key to Success!
Follow-up is key because changing behavior takes time, patience, and persistence. We will be there every step of the way to celebrate your successes and guide you through any rough patches. After delivering your customized behavior plan, we will schedule follow-up phone and/or in-home consultations, depending on the service package or individual services you purchase. You will also receive an email invitation to share a private DropBox folder where you may upload photos and videos of your progress in-between follow-up consultations.

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