Consulting Process

Step 1

Submit new client materials

During your free phone consultation, we will decide which service package is best for the behavior goals for your cat: the Plan and Prepare Package or the Feline Behavior Solutions Package. Then I will ask you to complete a New Client Form and send your cat's medical records, and I might request other items to help me gather a full history on your cat and the behavior of concern. After all the materials are submitted, we will set up an appointment for a detailed history-gathering call.

Step 2

Tell me about your cat

The history-gathering call enables me learn everything I need to know to train your cat or help with your cat’s behavior issue. The call typically takes 30-45 minutes, but it may take longer if we are working with more than one cat or multiple behavior issues. At the end of the history-gathering call, we will schedule your behavior plan consultation.


*COVID-19 Service Update: My services have been modified to meet your needs while keeping all of us safe and healthy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering all behavior plan consultations by videoconference. Video consultations are convenient, efficient, and effective, and are much appreciated by cats who are fearful of visitors!

Step 3

The behavior plan consultation

The behavior plan consultation consists of a one- to two-hour videoconference to meet your cat and discuss and practice the techniques we will use to train your cat or address your cat’s behavior issue. The behavior plan will take into account your routines and lifestyle, and every effort will be made to structure the training and behavior modification within the context of you and your cat’s everyday life; however, your ultimate success depends on your efforts! At the end of the consultation, we will schedule the follow-up consultations included with the service package you purchased.

Step 4

Your customized behavior plan, homework, and additional resources

Within two business days following the behavior plan consultation, I will email you a written behavior plan that includes everything we discussed during the behavior plan consultation and your homework, as well as additional resources to support your plan. If desired, we will review the plan by phone to ensure that the goals and the instructions for reaching them are clear and manageable.

Step 5

Follow-up support—The key to success!

Changing behavior takes time, patience, and persistence, and follow-up is the key to your success. Your support coverage goes into effect the day of your behavior plan consultation, and I will be there every step of the way to help celebrate your achievements and guide you through any challenges.