Services for

Established Clients

I support your cat training goals!

Discounted follow-up services are available if you received a written behavior plan as part of a previously purchased package and the service is applied to the cats and behaviors addressed in that plan.


Phone or videoconference consultations: $20 for each 15-minute increment

Email support:

1 week: $25

1 month: $75

3 months: $200

6 months: $400

12 months: $800

Custom follow-up service packages and payment plans are also available. Please contact me for details.

Please Note

If you are an established client in need of assistance with a new cat or a new behavior issue, a Plan and Prepare Package or Feline Behavior Solutions Package is recommended.


old, unwanted behaviors resurface after the training period has ended because they have often been practiced (and reinforced) many more times than the new behaviors.